Hands-On Education & Tutoring

Artist Mentorship

For over 30 years, Kennice has had one goal…become a leader in the hair industry, inspire other professionals by demonstrating a balance of creativity, and profitability in a happy work environment with devoted clients.

Kennice has continually taken on many aspiring artist/stylists, educating them in every arena of the hair industry, from providing hands-on experience through assisting opportunities, connecting and including them with other professional stylists, production opportunities, and photographers to build their portfolios, expand their skills and inspire the craft of hairstyling.

“I have successfully mentored many stylists, salon owners, and make-up artists in launching their careers in the Metro Detroit Area. There is nothing is more rewarding than knowing I’ve contributed to making a lasting impact in their lives and careers.”

Now for the first time Kennice combines hands-on workshops on cutting, color, styling, makeup and photography for a comprehensive box of tools that enables stylists to discover their true potential, drawing out their inner creativity, showcasing their work in it’s best light and upgrade their education to get to the top of their game!

Kennice's Hands-On Education

All Classes
 begin with demonstrations, include a hands-on portion with live models or mannequins are held at Kennice Studio, Sola Salons, 5642 W. Maple Rd, W.Bloomfield Michigan. For in-salon classes and class dates contact: info@kennice.com or call 248-701-7992 for additional information.
All Classes are held on Sundays and Mondays, from 10:00 a.m - 4:00 p.m.

Long Hair Cutting

Long hair will never go out of style. The objective for this class is to master scissor cutting on long hair creating effortless styles both classic and edgy. The stylist will learn both classic cutting techniques and advanced disconnection that, when combined create infinite styles.

  • Classic layering

  • Disconnection (long hair cutting photo here)

  • Texturizing techniques

  • Blow drying

Duration: 1 Day

Format: ½ Day Demonstration - ½ Day Hands-On

Investment $250

Long Hair Styling

Long hair styling is an introduction to working with long hair and up-styles. Emphasis is on techniques of preparation and the importance of shape, form and balance.

  • Blow-drying

  • How to properly pin the hair

  • Difference between hairpins and grips

  • Proper backcombing and back brushing techniques

Duration: 1 Day

Format: ½ Day Demonstration - ½ Day Hands-On

Investment: $250

Occasion Styling Workshop

Creative 2-day workshop. Goes to the heart of commercial styling. Work with numerous products and tools. Utilize hair extensions and pieces. Learn new skills to offer to your clients.

Duration: 2 Days
Format: Day 1 - ½ Day Demonstration - ½ Day Hands-On
                Day 2 - ½ Day Demonstration - ½ Day Hands-On
Photograph your work

Investment: $400

Balayage & Babylights….. Shadow Root & Smudging

Becoming a more versatile colorist. This class will explore multiple foil and balayage placements as well as techniques to achieve natural dimension.
This class is designed to be a 1 day look and learn or a 2 day hands on experience. Boosting your creativity and increase your revenue behind the chair.

Techniques Covered

  • Balayage

  • Babylights

  • Free hand painting and foil placement

  • Shadow root

  • Smudging

Duration: 1 - 2 days

Format: ½ Day Demonstration - ½ Day Hands-On
                Day 2 - Hands-On
May attend just the Demonstration portion
Investment: 1 Day $250 or 2 Days $500

Investment: $250 - $500

Men’s Classic Cutting Workshop

Elementary introduction into classic cutting for men. Covers short and mid-layering haircutting techniques of effective men’s hairdressing. Advance your cutting skills.

Duration: 1 Day

Format: ½ Day Demonstration - ½ Day Hands-On

Investment: $250

Brides And Braids

This class will go in depth from salon friendly styling to editorial braiding.Proper setting techniques, include how to control the hair, different knots,enhancing up-styles creating balanced shapes that are camera ready.

  • On and off the scalp braids

  • Rope braids

  • 3-5 strand braids

  • backcombing and backbrushing

  • combining braids in up-styling

Duration: 1 Day

Format: ½ Day Demonstrations - ½ Day Hands-On

Investment: $200

Graduated Cutting Skills

This class incorporates foundational haircutting simplifying the keys relevant to graduation - one of the grayest areas in many hairdressers’ repertoires.
From the classic graduated bob, to soft and shattered short to mid length graduated shapes. This Class is for stylists who want to enhance their understanding of the ability to manipulate weight distribution, giving you the ability to cut graduated styles with confidence.

Techniques Covered (add photo here)

  • • Graduation

  • • Round Layering

  • • Square Layering

  • • Body Positioning

  • • Tool Control and Sectioning

  • • Texturizing

  • • Blow Drying

Duration: 2 Days
Format: ½ Day Demonstrations - ½ Day
Hands-On - Both Days
Investment: $400

Up-Close With Kennice Editorial Styling

This class gives you an inside look at the unique experience of an editorial stylist. Kennice Kallabat, Pioneering Visionary. Learn the art of editorial up-styles and extensions. Bag the creative know-how and what goes on in the mind of the artist, using products and a range of professional tools to their best advantage.

We begin with demos, braids, waves and wefts which leads into a inspirational hands-on workshop where you use these skills to create progressive and inventive styles of your own making.

This special class is perfect for hairdressers who want to begin or enhance their editorial portfolio or want to work the behind the scenes in the fashion industry, giving you the unique up-close experience of an editorial stylist.

Duration: 1 Day
Format: ½ Day Demonstrations - ½ Day Creative Collaboration
Limited Seats Available Investment: $300